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Cotswold Carpet Whipping Company Services

Cotswold Carpet Whipping Company is very pleased to be able to offer a number of professional services to our growing client base. Based out of South Gloucestershire, our team of trained technicians is happy to quickly provide turnkey solutions for all of one’s carpet whipping needs. Not only is thus able to provide an attractive border to any piece, but the use of high-quality yarns ensures that superior levels of durability are always guaranteed. Frays and tears will be all but eliminated and thanks to our use of advanced interlocking machinery, a border of no less than 12 millimetres is possible.

The Whipping Process

We utilise a system which wraps the borders around the edge and the back of the carpet. This results in a hard-wearing quality that can stand up to years of abuse. This is ideal for the home environment while commercial, retail and even maritime applications are likewise within our grasp. We are also able to modify the depth of the yarn and the thickness of the edge. This can help to accommodate four existing styles and types of carpets. The end result will be a seamless integration and an eye-catching appeal that is simply unparalleled.


We are pleased to offer flexible services based on the needs of the customer in question. Our wide variety of colours enables us to match the existing hue of any carpet, from smaller dimensions to larger sizes. Our experts have also adopted this approach in regards to spare cuttings produced from a larger piece. Mats, smaller rugs and runners are therefore other possibilities to consider. Regardless of your requirements, Cotswold Carpet Whipping Company aims to please.

Quick and Reliable

The average turnaround time for any carpet whipping requirement is between 7 and 14 business days. However, we understand that there can be instances when a higher degree of efficiency is required. We will also provide express shipping for an additional cost. All carpets are sent to the customer wrapped in a protective polyethylene roll; helping to keep out dirt and other debris during transport.

These are some of the carpet whipping services which are available at your disposal. To learn more or to speak with a qualified representative, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest possible convenience.