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Cotswold Edge – Whipping your Carpet into Shape

Cotswold Edge Carpet Whipping Company is a family-run business who has been offering a high-quality service in South Gloucestershire for 35 years. Our bespoke service can transform any type of carpet remnant or rug into an attractive mat or runner that will fit perfectly into your home. Using a sophisticated interlocking machine, our experienced machinist will add a 12-millimetre edge of high-quality wool yarn to make a robust and attractive design to meet your specifications and desires.

Carpet Whipping is also known as Carpet Edging because that’s exactly what our service does – it adds a neat edge to your carpet that makes it not only more pleasing to the eye but also far more practical too. With our service your carpet remnants will no longer fray or look untidy, instead, they will look great in your home, on your boat or in your caravan – or wherever else you want to use them.

As all our work is done in our South Gloucestershire workshop we can make any size or shape design to perfectly fit the exact spot in your home, boat or caravan that needs a rug or mat. We’ll also use whichever colour yarn you desire, to either match or contrast the carpet and create the exact look that you want. The depth of the edging can also be varied to suit the carpet and your tastes. If you don’t know exactly what you want then we are happy to offer advice and let you take advantage of our decades of experience in this industry. Our products are suitable for use on any internal floor surface and are ideal for protecting the current surface or hiding imperfections. Finished carpets are returned to you rolled and wrapped in polythene for convenient and protected transportation.

Our standard turnaround time is 7 to 14 days, but an express service is also available for an additional fee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cotswold Edge to discuss your needs and ask for for a free, no obligation quotation. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service that will turn your carpet remnants into attractive and functional mats that are precisely tailored to meet your needs in South Gloucestershire and beyond.

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